What Comes as No Surprise

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Some things occur that are surprising. Other things occur that are no surprise.

On October 7, it came as a surprise that an attack was made upon Israel through underground tunnels between Israel and Gaza, through the skies via hand gliders, over Israeli military barriers, and even by way of the sea, in a terrorist invasion that swept through 20 towns and cities. It was a surprise that terrorists could overrun a police station and an army base. It was a surprise that hundreds of rockets were suddenly launched, without provocation, on civilian targets to coincide with the invasion…


What is not a surprise is that over 1,100 Israelis and counting, including old women and babies, were butchered by the terrorists, or that the terrorists raped many women, or that over 100 hostages were taken back into the depths of Gaza to be enslaved until they can be ransomed or murdered. Nor was it a surprise that on recovering the invaded ground, Israelis discovered bodies of over 2,000 wounded innocents strewn over roads and neighborhoods that the day before they had called home. What may be a surprise is that the planning for this attack in fact began months ago…

It is not surprising that last August, the Democrat Biden administration finalized an appeasement policy deal to free $6 Billion of Iranian assets frozen in South Korean banks since 2019 sanctions were imposed by the Trump administration. 

It is not surprising that, since the appeasement deal was OK’d in August and funding was in the pipeline, there have been bi-weekly meetings in Lebanon and Syria between such terrorist luminaries as Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad al-Nakhalah, Hamas military chief Saleh al-Arouri, and Iran’s Republican Guard’s “Quds Force” head Ismail Qaani. Or that at least two of these meetings were attended by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

After all, Iran has been funding Hamas and Hezbollah with $100 Million and $700 Million, respectively, on an annual basis for years. And they had just received a vocal promise of $6 billion for further operations. And these are not the only terrorist organizations Iran funds for military operations: there are 19 terrorist organizations operating as Iranian proxies on every border of U.S. ally Israel at this moment.


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What is not a surprise is that, since the invasion, Hamas militants are threatening to kill hostages if Israel uses further military force to defeat Hamas.

What is not surprising is that Biden officials say they demanded that the money sent to Iran was “strictly for humanitarian purposes.” Nor was it surprising that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the obvious: “Iran would spend the money any way it wanted.” It is surprising that the Izzuddin Al Qassam Brigade, part of the invading Hamas force, said: “We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran who provided us with weapons, money and other equipment.” Doubtless, the weapons and other equipment came from battlefields the Biden administration abandoned in Afghanistan—and we know where the money came from.

What is not surprising is that a spokesperson for Iran’s mission to the United Nations stated that the Islamist Republic “stood in support of Gaza’s actions, but did not direct them.” Or that, as if in echo, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told the media that “there is no evidence of a connection between Iran and the Hamas invasion.” It would be a surprise if anyone with any common sense on Earth believes either of them.

What is not surprising is that the invasion was perfectly timed to scuttle the Trump administration’s “Abraham Accords,” just when Saudi Arabia and Israel were set to sign on to the agreement. What will not be surprising will be the Biden administration’s call for a return to the Obama administration’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an agreement that funds Iran’s way to a nuclear capability.


What is not surprising is China’s call for both Israel and the Palestinians to immediately agree to a two-state solution, while the dead are still unburied, knowing it will strengthen China’s ally Iran in the region, while further weakening Israel’s capacity for self-defense.

What is not surprising is the chorus of Socialist Democrats in the U.S. calling for a cease-fire before Israel made a counter-offensive in its own defense.

What is a surprise is that our elite education system has spawned a student population that is hailing the butchery done on the campuses of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia Universities. Perhaps these “students” are incapable of reading in today’s education climate, but perhaps they can define what a murder is by seeing it on their phones, courtesy of Hamas’ disgusting marketing plan.

What is not a surprise is Biden’s speech, which did not mention the financier of the invasion, the criminal nation he seeks to support: Iran.

What is a surprise is that few people realize that Israel is and has been, since its birth, surrounded by both enemies and “friends,” who sometimes work together against Israel’s vital interest of survival.

What surprises this author most is the loyalty that is continually shown by the Jewish population of America to a Democrat Party that smiles to their faces, takes their money and their votes while betraying them in the deepest possible sense at a horrible cost to innocent human life.




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