In Rush to Overturn Brexit, British Left Is Angry at Democracy

If reports that the British Labour party is purging leader Jeremy Corbyn in preparation for an attempt to nullify Brexit are correct, then the second act in the rebellion against the Western elites has begun. The Daily Telegraph reports:


Jeremy Corbyn was facing a leadership coup on Sunday night as the Left attempted to unite to overturn Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Twelve members of the Labour shadow cabinet left office yesterday amid a series of staggered resignations and demands that Mr Corbyn make way for a pro-EU candidate who can fight against the British public’s demand for Brexit.

The Labour turmoil came amid another day of unprecedented political and constitutional crisis, which saw Nicola Sturgeon warn that she would seek to use legal powers vested in the Scottish Parliament to block Brexit.

Corbyn has failed to keep the voters in line, and now Labour must find someone ruthless enough to make democracy work the way the party wants it to.

Toward that end, the Scots seem to have been given the unwilling role of a stay-behind force. The EU won’t have them — unless they bring a dowry — and Labour will need their votes if it is to return to power and rescind Brexit. So for the moment the Scots must await the D-Day in reverse:

The EU yesterday dealt a devastating blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s new bid for independence — by ruling out any prospect of Scotland retaining its EU membership when Britain leaves.

Asked at the end of last week if an independent Scotland would be able to retain membership of the EU despite the rest of the UK opting to leave, the EC told The Scottish Mail on Sunday that the rules make it clear that Brexit applies across the whole of the UK.

An EC source said: ‘Article 50 is the only legal mechanism to withdraw from the union – and this article refers to “member states”.’


Scotland will need its own money, borders, and laws before it can apply as a state, and it lacks money above all. The EU, like any gentlemen’s club, will not admit beggars to the rolls.

This highlights the fact that when German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in reference to Brexit, says “we won’t let anyone take Europe from us,” he is at one level saying he won’t let England’s club dues slip through his fingers. Scotland can come back when it’s got England’s wallet with them.

The reasons to Stop Brexit now are rapidly occurring to the punditry. As Sharyl Attkisson put it, the press has gone from “OMG we never saw this coming” to explaining why the UK voters are so stupid.

“A group of pensioners have managed to make a decision for us,” complain students to the New York Times. “The British people have spoken … and lost a lot of credibility,” intones an article in Foreign Policy.

One trendy urbanite tells the NYT that “hell is other Britons,” and could he please get away from England? The official explainer of the Left, Vox, cites college students who say “we woke up feeling betrayed this morning” because the old fogies didn’t give us the future we wanted:

“A really important decision was made for us by the older generation,” she explained, noting that exit polls showed that three-quarters of voters aged 18 to 24 wanted to remain in the EU. By contrast, more than 60 percent of seniors aged 65+ voted to leave.


Finally there was Barack Obama who, standing by his comment that Britain would move to the back of the queue post-Brexit in trade deals with the United States, indirectly admitted that Brexit would be the EU’s deathblow.

It was as if Nigel Farage had stumbled on the Death Star’s secret vital point causing every Tie-fighter in the vicinity to be vectored to its defense. Defend it they will, and with a vengeance, for in their mind the refusal of the proles to accepted their designated Paradise is so insulting that it relieves them from the need to even pretend to civility.

Brexit will be liberating to the Left, in a brutal sort of way.

Given the near equality of forces between Stay and Leave, as well as the parity between Left and anti-Left forces in the United States, a long and inconclusive struggle between the two sides would ordinarily be expected. But events actually put time on the anti-Left side. As pro-EU economist Brigitte Granville noted, Brexit was created by Brussels’ inability to deliver.

Wrote John Fund in National Review:

France seems stuck in a permanent recession. Italy and Spain have still not reached the output levels that they had before the 2008 financial crisis. It’s only because of quantitative easing and negative interest rates that the eurozone hasn’t collapsed like a house of cards.

Brussels was driving everyone broke. The self-evident fact that nobody leaves quality but everyone flees a clip joint explains both the rush by the EU to shut the door and the wasting nature of its defense.


They have to finish the rebels now or risk losing the game.

If the Brexit in response to the dysfunctional nature of the EU was the first iceberg, the effort to nullify the referendum will be the second. The second collision will be much more traumatic than the first. Therefore, the winning position of the anti-Left position is merely to exit and prosper. What was true during the Cold War is true about the Cold Civil War.

The only thing the Workers’ Paradise cannot survive is comparison, not with heaven, but with the simple earth.

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