Muslim Brotherhood Admits Supreme Guide 'Rules' Morsi

During elections, one of the biggest criticisms against President Muhammad Morsi was that he was just a stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Muhammad Badie — who recently called for a jihad on Israel.  Of course, the Brotherhood and Morsi brushed aside such talk, saying the latter was his own man, that his policies for Egypt would have nothing to do with Brotherhood interests, etc., etc.


Amazingly, however, a couple days ago on Egyptian satellite TV, a Muslim Brotherhood official actually admitted that “Yes, the Supreme Guide rules Morsi.”  Here is the Arabic video.

The discussion was in the context of the ongoing protests against the Sharia-pushing president.  At one point, the MB official says “The people are calling for the fall of the Supreme Guides rule and the fall of Morsi,” to which the host interrupts him by saying “What, does the Supreme Guide rule?”

The MB official responds: “Yes, the Supreme Guide rules Muhammad Morsi.”

The host, visibly amazed, makes a gesture of resignation and says, “Well that’s it; it’s over; what else is there to say”…


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