Bibles Banned From Beijing Olympic Village (Updated)

But both athletes and tourists will have to abide by the standard Bible quota.

“A notice on the official Beijing Olympics Web site explaining entry procedures into the country said “each traveler is recommended to take no more than one Bible into China.”


The Catholic News Agency, which originally reported the story, has called the Chinese policies “contradictory.”
Blogger reaction to the earlier report that Bibles would not be allowed in the Olympic village had been fierce:

The Colossus: “So much for our friendly, panda-loving friends, who are so happy, happy, happy to share the globe with us. The mask slips, and we see what they really are: a brutal, corrupt regime intent on stamping out human freedom wherever they can.”

Dancing From Genesis: “In allowing the Koran, but not the Bible, the Chinese government is smiling on Islam while slapping Christianity and Judaism in the face.”

Moonbattery: “To think just a few weeks ago ChiCom bureauweenies were purring that they would offer religious services for foreigners at the Olympics. Services may have to be conducted without benefit of Bibles. Not that you need a Bible to worship the only god recognized by the Chinese regime or our media: Government Power.”


The Fort Wayne Sentinel: “Still another reason to boycott the upcoming 2008 Olympics and why those deciding on this location should be taken behind the shed and force fed tainted Tortino Pizzas.”

Andy in Nanching, China: “I wonder if the Koran will be banned too? Or how about Mao’s Little Red Book (OK I know no one reads that anymore!)?”


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