Cadaverous Imus Live on WABC?

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The Daily Gut: “Sharpton seethes.”

FanHouse: “If WABC were worried about Imus making controversial statements, they probably wouldn’t have brought him on-board.”


Radio Equalizer: “Regardless of their imperfections, Curtis & Kuby are being replaced by inferior programming in the form of an aging Don Imus, who before being fired earlier this year had struggled to generate ratings for many years.”

NewsBusters: “Deliciously, Imus is ‘particularly incensed by Senator Hillary Clinton’s ‘shameless exploitation’ of the Rutgers situation.’ Of course, it is safe to assume Imus is fully aware the group that disseminated transcripts of his broadcast concerning the Rutgers women’s basketball team, Media Matters for America, is an organization that Clinton admitted in August she ‘helped start and support.'”

Gawker: “Wealthy Connecticut cowboy and casual racist Don Imus is finally returning to the airwaves!”

Hot Air: “Despite what liberals may want to believe about the man responsible for the ‘nappy-headed ho’s’ crack, he’s always leaned further left than right. Has he tacked back the other way now as a reaction to the demagoguery after the Rutgers fiasco?:”


Outside the Beltway: “My guess is that, while they’ll be timid at first, THE ELITES WILL BE BACK. People who liked Imus before the Rutgers incident will CONTINUE TO LIKE HIM, which means he’ll have a HUGE AUDIENCE again. Politicians aren’t going to turn down an opportunity to talk to millions of the most politically active voters over a comedy bit gone wrong.”

Jossip: “If WABC is willing to p*ss off half of the radio listening public, they should at least have the guts to let Imus be Imus for the other half.”


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