PJM Political On XM--10/11/07- Featuring Mark Steyn & Laura Ingraham

Programming Note: XM informs us that due to a problem with their audio server, their broadcast of PJM Political will be delayed a day. Tune in tomorrow, Friday October 12th, at 6:00 PM Eastern/3:00 PM Pacific to XM Channel #130, POTUS ’08 to listen.


Tune in each Thursday to XM Channel #130, POTUS ’08 at 6:00 PM Eastern/3:00 PM Pacific for Pajamas Media’s weekly PJM Political show! (And at 11:00 PM Eastern/8:00 Pacific for a rebroadcast) If you missed this week’s show, click here to listen:

October 11 PJM Political On XM Satellite Radio

Amity Shlaes--The Forgotten Man Mark Steyn--America Alone Laura Ingraham--Power To The People

You’ll hear Mark Steyn, the one-man global content provider, discussing his best-selling America Alone in the context of the 2008 election. Also joining host Bill Bradley are:

  • Laura Ingraham on an excerpt of the Glenn & Helen Show discussing her new book, Power to the People.
  • Amity Shlaes, on her best-selling look at the Depression, The Forgotten Man, (about which Rudy Giuliani recently told talker Glenn Beck that “it would be great for everybody to read it”).
  • James Lileks, the Bard of Minnesota.
  • University professor/blogger Steve Boriss on the Future Of News, and its immediate future: the upcoming election year.
  • Jules Crittenden of the Boston Herald and his own Pajamas-affiliated blog on the transnational synchronicity of Katie Couric and Barack Obama’s near-simultaneous flag pin kerfuffles.
  • Steve Green of Pajamas-affiliated VodkaPundit and Bill Bradley on Tuesday’s GOP debate.
  • Roger Simon and Bruce Carroll of Pajamas-affiliated Gay Patriot on the first Democratic debate aimed towards the GLBT community.
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll.


Finally, if you missed our first two episodes of PJM Political, listen here.


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