Tommy Thompson mysteriously surges in Pajamas Poll


In the last several days, in fact since the beginning of the Pajamas Media Straw Poll, PJM has received vastly more messages and phone calls from supporters of Ron Paul than from any other candidate, indeed from supporters of all the other candidates put together.


In recent days – after votes were deducted from Mr. Paul’s total because, among other things, someone voted for Mr. Paul over 229 times from one IP within 72 minutes – these messages and calls have become increasingly rude and abusive, even threatening.

Here is only one example:


I’m the operator of the website that has sent all the Ron Paul voters to your page.

We are an ARMY of over 10,000 Ron Paul supporters that are promoting Dr Paul online.

We have NOT cheated your “poll”, we’re just voting like everyone else, unless it’s cheating to be an organized group of supporters.

Your slander of us and disrespect for Dr Paul will NOT be tolerated any longer, I’ll give you until tomorrow at 5pm to PROVE or REMOVE the “cheating” comments or a massive viral online campaign to discredit your site will begin.

Pajamas Media contacted the signer [name withheld by request] of this email at Ron Paul for Congress headquarters and he denied having written it. We accept that gentleman’s denial. Someone, however, sent this email.

We regret that Congressman Paul, a good and decent American with loyal motives and deeply held convictions, seems to have garnered among his supporters a small group for whom unethical conduct appears to be permissible if it gets him elected. We are certain he would disapprove of it.


Still, this behavior must stop immediately, as well as the rude and abusive messages we are receiving from these supporters. If they do not, Pajamas Media will have no choice but to remove Mr. Paul permanently from our poll. The choice is now in the hands of Mr. Paul’s supporters.

Pajamas Media further reserves the right to deduct votes for any candidate our IT department tells us were cast in a fraudulent manner. We will continue to use one percent on the Gallup Poll as the minimum for inclusion in our poll.


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