The Serial Murderers of Syria -- Victor Davis Hanson

On ‘Dialogue’ — “No, no, no…. The problems in Iraq, in the radical Middle East at large-with democratization, with nuclearization, with Islamism-are not, repeat not, a lack of dialogue with Syria and Iran. Syria, as we see once again with the killing of Pierre Gemayel, is practicing serial murdering in Lebanon…. Iran is a rogue nation that seeks bombs to use them against the region’s only viable democracy in Israel…. Yes, yes, we need perhaps to have a national “dialogue”, but not over talking to Iran and Syria-but instead whether we wish to continue to fight and win this war.”


On Seinfeld’s “Michael Richards’ pathetic mea culpa…. Apparently he thinks that hip nihilists like himself can’t be redneck racists.”

On waiting for “the announcement that next year’s funds will be cut off for the Patriot Act and wiretaps. And surely Guantanamo will be defunded, with timetables mandated for troop withdrawal.”

On “Jihadist cowardice.”

“And we all know, for all our self-doubt and self-loathing, that the West really is strong, at least strong enough to smash jihadists and their patrons.”

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