Chicago Mayor Declares His City 'a Trump Free Zone'

Saying, “you have big dreams, and we want to be part of those dreams,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the DACA dreamers that, “you are welcome in the city of Chicago. This is your home and you have nothing to worry about.” Emanuel, President Obama’s first Chief of Staff, even went so far as to declare his city, “a Trump free zone.” So if the President of the United States wanted to visit the third largest city in the nation he represents, he would be turned away? And liberals like to claim that Republicans are the ones defending secessionists?!? As a mayor, you cannot simply declare the President unwelcome…


He also tried to use the press conference as an opportunity to toot his own horn, to parade his city’s education system (probably because there aren’t very many other things that Chicago has to boast about). So, whether Trump or Emanuel are right on this issue, the mayor used this time, of uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of people, to play for partisan points. Tasteless!



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