Israel to Expand Medical Assistance for Syrian Refugees

Benjamin Netanyahu Weekly Cabinet Meeting, Golan Heights, Syria - 17 Apr 2016 As UN led peace talks on the future of Syria are being held in Geneva, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the Golan Heights Sunday and declared that Israel will never leave the strategic region (Rex Features via AP Images)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking for more ways Israel can help the victims of Syria’s civil war. Netayahu is even considering bringing the refugees into Israel to treat them at the country’s hospitals.


“We see the tragedy of terrible suffering of civilians and I’ve asked the Foreign Ministry to seek ways to expand our medical assistance to the civilian causalities of the Syrian tragedy, specifically in Aleppo where we’re prepared to take in wounded women and children, and also men if they’re not combatants,” Netanyahu said in a speech on Tuesday.

Israel has been treating and helping Syrian refugees since 2011.

“We’re prepared to take in wounded women and children, and also men if they are not combatants … bring them to Israel, take care of them in our hospitals, as we’ve done with thousands of Syrian civilians,” Netanyahu said at a meeting with foreign reporters in Jerusalem.

“Will it come together and be a unified Syria? I doubt it,” Netanyahu said. “I think you have enclaves there and they are not about to disappear, but the suffering is great, and the one initiative we took is to help — as I said — thousands of Syrians who are sometimes mutilated beyond belief. We help them. I offered to do more today. I don’t know if we can resolve [the crisis in] Syria, but we can help mitigate some of the suffering. That is the best that Israel can do.”


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