Why The Dave Matthews Song 'Crash' Is Much Worse Than You Realized

Links in case you missed yesterday’s round-up (“Will You Follow Monica Lewinsky on Twitter?“) or last week’s collection: “Last Week’s 125 Most Horrifying Headlines.”


Via Drudge:

1. Saudi cleric: TWITTER ‘source of all evil’…

2. SNAP: Naked man does push-ups in street; Tasered by cops…

3. Annie Lennox: ‘Twerking Is Not Feminism’…

At Twitchy:

4. ‘Way to ruin pudding’: Comedian Hannibal Buress called Bill Cosby a ‘rapist’

(Language warning)


Via Memeorandum:

5. The BBC: Oscar Pistorius given five years for Reeva Steenkamp death

At Mediaite:

6. Anthony Weiner: I Worry About Explaining ‘Birds and the Bees’ to My Young Son

7. Rosie O’Donnell: Bill Clinton Should’ve Been Prosecuted for Lewinsky Affair

At Salon:

8. Pickup artists are stuffing rubber vaginas with cash and hiding them around L.A.

9. Skip Bayless: Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault charges helped him “sizzle,” sell sneakers

10. The “Teen Mom” story we don’t see on TV: Why high school students need birth control and parental leave

11. Farrah Abraham’s new erotic novel misunderstands what “erotic novel” means

At the Guardian:

12. Backpage.com in spotlight after death


The classified service website Backpage.com has come under renewed scrutiny over its use by sex offenders just as it fights a lawsuit in the supreme court.

Police in Indiana said Darren Vann, a registered sex offender suspected of multiple murders, met his latest alleged victim through Backpage.

Vann, 43, was charged on Monday with murdering Afrikka Hardy, 19, who was found strangled at a motel in Hammond, near Chicago. The former marine has confessed to killing seven women and has hinted at more victims over a 20-year span, police said.

The investigation renewed controversy over Backpage as the US supreme court in Washington prepared to hear arguments on Tuesday in a case filed by three sex trafficking victims who say the website helps promote child exploitation.

13. Rare Tasmanian devil dies at zoo

At Raw Story:

14. Former Kentucky prison guard avoids jail for 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates

15. 9 songs that are rape-ier than you realized

Dave Matthews: “This song is about the worship of women but this is a bit of a crazy man. He’s the type of person that you’d call the police on. Some guy who’s just peering in keenly at his neighbors.”


Some historical context from Camille Paglia, page 93 of Sexual Personae:

Updated: Thanks Tolbert, upping your comment to the post to embed the video:

Ken: You are the last hope of the universe.

Fry: So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct?

Ken: Yes – except the Dave Matthews Band doesn’t rock.


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