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Is there any satirical website that has managed to stay relevant longer than The Onion? While most humor sites tend to flaunt their progressive bona fides, The Onion has largely remained an equal-opportunity offender. Consider this recent zing against The Atlantic for running a paid article for the cult of Scientology.


via SPONSORED: The Taliban Is A Vibrant And Thriving Political Movement | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

KABUL—2012 proved to be just another in a succession of landmark years for the Taliban, as the influential Islamic fundamentalist organization continued its awe-inspiring push toward unprecedented expansion.

Even following a decade marked with some difficulties, the devoted members of the Afghani cultural and political movement have proven consistently successful in their trailblazing efforts to continue the Taliban’s constant recruiting of talented and diverse young insurgents and building its thriving base of support from politicians and citizens alike to over 30 times that of a decade ago.

“It was our goal in the beginning of 2012 to make sure we never stayed too complacent and continued working to spread our message internationally,” said Taliban leader Mohammed Omar, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that the movement would not just attain the same level of progress from years past, but also move far beyond it. “We want our program to have its message heard in local communities in countries across the world. Whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or Iran, our group firmly believes there are future Taliban leaders everywhere.”


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