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Is It “Racist” To Tell the Truth about Islam? Free Speech Under Siege.

For a long time now, I have been writing about free speech under siege in the West and about the privileging of hate speech and Big Lies; only hate speech and propaganda is seen as  worthy of First Amendment protection. Telling the truth is considered “racist.”

This is especially true if one is talking about Islamic gender and religious apartheid—a subject which is specifically verboten in the western academy.

Today I published a piece at FOX News which lists, one by one, the high-profile cases of western authors, academics, activists, artists, even cartoonists, who have been threatened, sued for libel, tried as “racists,” murdered, or driven into hiding and into lives which require police protection, all because they dared tell the truth about Islam. The piece is titled How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia. It begins this way:

“On August 9, the SPEECH Act became the law of our land. This Act protects American authors from having foreign libel judgments against them enforced in America—especially when they have criticized Islam or documented the funding sources for jihadic terrorism.

“The Act was a bipartisan Senate accomplishment, but one driven by the fearless and determined Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, the Director of the American Center for Democracy. Ehrenfeld is the force (and the name) behind “Rachel’s Law” which became law in 2008 in New York State and in six other states.

“This Act is an important first step in the West’s battle against “lawfare.” At stake is nothing less than the American and Western right to speak freely and truthfully on any subject, including religion, culture, and war. If we are kept uninformed about Islam and jihad, we will not be able to understand our options or defend ourselves. It is as simple as that.”

Of course, there are thousands of cases in which other major authors, myself included, and very good but lesser-known or unknown authors, activists, and academics have been censored, censured, shunned, and/or have decided to self-censor. I personally know many such stories in which authors lost publishers or could not find publishers because their subject matter was about Islam and therefore, might lead to a lawsuit, a death threat, a bombing, or worse. I am thinking about my colleague, Canadian author Howard Rotberg, whose books were pulled off the shelves when he was (falsely) accused of “racism” because he was telling the truth about Israel.

Oddly, ironically, although Zionism does not equal racism (as the United Nations has long suggested), anti-Zionism does equal racism. Of course, it is not seen this way. 

We all have such stories. Please post your store here as a comment at my blogsite. Vent. Share. Exchange war stories from the front.