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Jihadic Barbarians vs the Sleeping Western Giant

Jihadic Barbarians vs the Sleeping Western Giant
Sgt. Tom Hutchison stands in front of an Oregon State Police roadblock on Highway 395 on Jan. 26, 2016, between John Day and Burns, Ore. (Dave Killen/The Oregonian via AP)

Newspeak Triumphs, Truth Slain

“They all looked half drugged or half asleep, dull, as if the creatures had been hypnotized or poisoned….they walked and moved and went about their lives in a condition of sleepwalking: they were not aware of themselves, of other people, of what went on around them.”


Thus spake Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing in The Four-Gated City.

Do people really understand what is going on in our world right now? That language is being used to confuse us? America is the greatest “terrorist,” Israeli Jews are the “Nazis,” non-Muslim pro-western Brits are called “right wing fascists” because a small number stood up to 200 angry and armed Muslim Brits in front of a Birmingham mosque, parliamentarian Geert Wilders is considered a “racist Islamophobe” and faces a criminal trial because he tells the truth about Islamist jihad.

And, by the way, the so-called “fascist” Brits held aloft an Israeli flag and signs that said “Extremists Out,” “Britain Safe.” One woman interviewed said: “If people come here they should respect out laws.” Yes, this group may also be allied with genuine Nazi-era style racist-fascists—but then again, they may not be. The problem is that what they are saying has merit.

The Orwellian doublespeak (or Newspeak) does not stop here. People insist that honor killings which, according to my research, are mainly a Muslim-on-Muslim and male-on-female crime have absolutely nothing to do with Islam; that Islam is a religion of peace; that 9/11, 3/11, 7/7—have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia or al-Qaeda, that Arab and south Asian Muslims did not fly planes into American buildings and embassies, blow up trains in Madrid and London, perpetrate a massacre in Mumbai.


Naw. The Zionists and the CIA really did it all. But if the Arab and south Asian Muslims did do it too—they did so for a noble reason, to protest the Zionist “occupation” of disputed lands, long claimed as “Palestinian” by the Arab League, the United Nations, international human rights groups, and the western intelligentsia.

Arthur Koestler, in The God That Failed describes the intellectuals who joined the communist party in the 1930s as naive idealists and those who recruited and used them as carrying on a “white slave traffic whose victims were young idealists flirting with violence.” Or, as my friend and computer genius, Mitchell Price, has put it: Those Americans who keep giving a free pass to jihadists and Islamists are flirting with “the barbarian within.”

I’ll say.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the call for 50,000 “peaceful” Muslims to pray on Capital Hill on September 25th of this year. What kind of peaceful prayer takes place in public and at a government site? One that aims for such massive numbers? In Islam, there is no separation of mosque and state; the mosque is the state.

Why not pray in a mosque? Why on Capitol Hill? What kind of momentum is being gathered and expressed here?

Once, on a Manhattan street, I was interrupted by only 35-50 Muslim men lying prone on the street in a posture of submission, prayer—and blocking the sidewalk. At first, I thought it was a demonstration of some kind. It seemed too public, too aggressive, a bit too threatening for it to be a private expression of faith. Can you understand that 50,000 Muslims praying publicly might be seen as and intended to be more of a political than a religious statement?


Please understand: I am not saying that all Muslims are violent terrorists but only that the most violent, dangerous, national and trans-national terrorists are Muslims. Nor am I saying that Muslims have no right to pray. At issue is violent Islamic jihad and Islamic gender and religious apartheid and how they are being mis-read and misunderstood in the West.

And why is Israel National News, World Net Daily, and various conservative blogs the first and possibly only sources for this upcoming DC Muslim Pray-In? Did the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, CNN, ABC, FOX cover this? If so, Google is simply not listing it.

And now we have some sad news in the case of Rifqa Bary, the 17-year-old Muslim girl who secretly converted to Christianity and fled her home in Ohio. Rifqa claims that her father has threatened to kill her because she converted. Rifqa is now on trial in Orlando, Florida. Her parents want her back. She does not wish to return to them. Yesterday, the court unsealed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation into the matter. The police found “no credible reports of threats against her in Florida or Ohio.”

I have not read this report and I have not interviewed Rifqa Bary. What I am about to say is based on what I’ve read in the media and on my own research into Islamic gender apartheid, especially into honor killings, both in the West and in the Muslim world.


The unsealed report sounds unbelievable. In recent conversations with authors Nonie Darwish and Ibn Warraq, both confirmed that any Muslim who converts out, who becomes an apostate, is supposed to be killed by their families or by any other faithful Muslim. Ex-Muslims have been killed for converting. Many ex-Muslims live in hiding and change their names because they have converted. I just visited with the family of a high profile ex-Muslim in Europe who converted to Catholicism. He needs seven police officers around the clock to keep him safe.

Why does the Florida Department of Law Enforcement think that Rifqa Bary is an exception?

Are they familiar with the work on honor killings, my own included, which demonstrates the extent to which teenagers and young women are killed by their fathers and other members of their families of origin when they refuse to wear hijab, want to go to college, refuse to marry their first cousins, have non-Muslim friends, or choose a boyfriend or a husband not only on their own—but one who is Christian, not Muslim? This happens in America, Canada, and Europe.

Last week in Italy, an 18 year-old Muslim girl was murdered by her father, an immigrant from Morocco, because she had a boyfriend who was Catholic.

Rifqa Bary has gone far beyond choosing a Christian boyfriend. She has chosen a Christian God. What is it that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement does not understand?


If the judge returns her to her family, her blood will be on his hands and on the hands of all Americans.

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