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We Can't Save Europe Again--But What in the World is Wrong with Britain?

Thanks to my dear friend Carol Gould, the funniest smart lady in Britainistan for alerting me to this incident. A Muslim bus driver forced all his passengers to exit his London bus so that he could pray. Someone took a video photo of this which you may see here:
The excellent Robert Spencer also has a piece about this here:

Also in Britain: “South Asian” (Muslim girls mainly from Pakistan–3,000 of them to be precise) have disappeared from their schools in the UK. Their families have kidnapped them into arranged marriages in the Fatherland. Feminist Muslim groups who have been pleading their case have just now been de-funded. Read about this here:

Yes, once again, the “lights are going out all over Europe.” In response to the Wilders’ film the Dutch government assumed a dhimmi position vis a vis the Pakistani government. (On the other hand, other than threatening the UK (!) based blogsite “liveleak” which shut the Wilders’ film down, no riots have ensued.

Still, the final comment goes to my amazingly productive friend and colleague, Dr. Andrew Bostom. He comments upon and links to an article by an Indian journalist with bears a great title. “Being charged with Islamophobia is a small price to pay for securing our future.”