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Here's "Fitna," the Geert Wilders Film.

I just viewed it. It is short, powerful, and to the point. In only minutes, at least one million people have already viewed it. The Wilders film does not exaggerate a thing. Specific parts of the Qu’ran are beautifully chanted–but we then also get to see how the edict is carried out in our world. We have seen many of these images before (the airplanes flying into the World Trade Center, the mullahs spewing hatred, the bloodied and dismembered corpses after a suicide bombing), but we have never before seen these images related to specific Qu’ranic verses. View this, draw your own necessary conclusions. Wilders has drawn his.

Unfortuantely, the link the film has been removed:

Let me thank Professor Barry Rubin for calling from Tel Aviv to alert me to this film’s arrival on the internet. That’s Professor Barry Rubin of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center.