Should America Pull out of the United Nations? An Historic Conference about the Demonization of Israel at the UN that Has Not Been Covered by the Mainstream Media

I once worked at the United Nations and have vowed that someday I will write about what a soul-scorching experience it was–especially for someone who was and still is a white Jewish-American feminist and Zionist. I had to absorb the most virulent, almost surreal hatred because of who I am and for the views that I hold. This happened long before I was perceived to have crossed any political aisle.


At the time, when I tried to tell people about this, few wanted to understand. The UN diplomat’s dining room was so elegant, the parties and social circles so colorful and so career-building that even radical feminists did not want to understand that the tyrants and mediocrities that dominated the UN would never, ever police themselves and that sexism, racism, poverty, and even genocide would remain unchecked by this corrupt international body.

Friends: This was twenty-seven years ago and matters have only gotten worse. The United Nations has been effective in only one matter. It has increasingly legalized Jew-hatred by its demonization of Israel.

This past Sunday, a major conference on this very subject was held in New York City. Unfortunately, at the last moment, I could not attend it. To the best of my knowledge, only two articles about this conference have so far appeared: In the Jerusalem Post HERE and on the internet website War to Mobilize Democracy (WMD) HERE. However, journalist Fern Sidman, who wrote the WMD piece, has sent me an extended version of her piece which I have posted HERE.

Please understand that powerful figures spoke at this conference, including former American Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, Senator Norman Coleman, and Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.

I share Congressman McCotter’s view that both the United States and Israel, who pay the largest amount of money to the UN, should pull out of it and form a new alliance of democracies, or as McCotter suggests, a “Liberty Alliance.” I know, there are other views that claim that the humanitarian work done by the UN justifies even the corrupt political hierarchy and that Israel must continue seeking a group that will allow her to join them; currently, Israel is not allowed to be part of either the Middle East or European group and is therefore a permanent non-member of the Security Council.


Let me congratulate Herb London and Anne Bayefsky who hosted this conference and who have continued to work on this important subject.

Dear Readers: What do you think? Should America leave the United Nations? If not, what chance do you think America has of reforming this body? And if you think it has absolutely no chance–what is your thinking about why we should still remain a dues-paying member? Do you want your taxes going to support non-intervention in Darfur and the demonization of Israel?


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