Prediction: The Media Will Lap Up Biden's Afghanistan 'Victory' Speech Like Dogs Returning to Their Vomit

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Biden on Tuesday addressed the nation on what his handlers billed as “Remarks on Ending the War in Afghanistan.” Biden, who was careful to read the words someone else wrote for him and uploaded to the teleprompter, celebrated the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as a huge success, touting the number of Americans airlifted out of the country and claiming that only a handful remain. His tone was almost jubilant as he defended the decisions of his administration while claiming that everyone from the military brass to the State Department was in full agreement about the botched withdrawal. He celebrated “ending the war,” acting as if the events of the last week were some great achievement instead of the humiliating spectacle we saw play out on our screens.


The media has universally decried Biden’s incompetence and poor decisions relating to the withdrawal over the last week. I dare say that Biden’s bungling of the situation in Afghanistan managed to do what no president in recent memory was able to accomplish: unite Americans. Everywhere you looked in the media last week there was only disdain for Biden and heartbreak over the wreckage left by his poor decisions.

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But trust me when I say that is about to change.

The Biden administration desperately needs to pivot away from Afghanistan and his lapdogs will soon forget what happened there. If they mention Afghanistan at all after this week, it will be in the context of the Great Statesman Joe Biden saving us from the Republicans’ endless wars. No matter how mendacious and despicable Joe Biden’s decisions, they’ll be forgotten in service of left-wing politics. The media will not let Biden continue to take the blame for what he’s done. The momentary reprieve we’ve received from the sycophants will be back, as will the incessant Trump-bashing and blaming of Republicans for everything wrong in the world.



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