[VIDEO] The Latest Stunt by the Texas 'Champagne Socialists' May Be the Dumbest Yet

(Twitter screenshot)

In a bid to avoid doing their jobs, Texas lawmakers absconded to Washington, D.C., yesterday, where they will purportedly ask Congress to strip Texas of its authority to run elections the way the Lone Star State sees fit.


During a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol, the crybabies sang “We Shall Overcome.”

Never mind that they flew to D.C. on a chartered jet and are no doubt staying in the finest hotels D.C. has to offer (who’s paying for all this? Is anyone in the MSM going to ask?).  Irene Armendariz-Jackson, a Texas Republican who is running for Congress, called them “champagne socialists,” which is about as apt a description as you’ll hear.


The bottom line here is that Texas Democrats are shirking their duty, refusing to protect the state’s elections from fraud and abuse—and they’re framing it as a civil rights issue akin to slavery. Do they hear themselves?

Texas Republicans aren’t fooling around. They voted Tuesday afternoon to arrest the fugitive Democrats, who are blocking an important election integrity bill by leaving the state.

I have a little rule of thumb for stunts like this: If Democrats are singing, they’re losing. Change my mind.



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