DeWine Has Lost His COVID-Loving Mind: Will Bribe Ohioans to Get Vaccine With Million-Dollar Lottery Prizes, Scholarships for Children

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On Wednesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that he would be lifting his draconian COVID-19 orders on June 2. (I would not be surprised if Gov. Goalpost finds a reason to rescind his order to rescind the orders between now and then, but that’s a discussion for another article.) In addition to opening the state back up (except for nursing homes, where everyone is most likely vaccinated), DeWine announced that he will use federal COVID relief funds to bribe Ohioans to get vaccinated—in a stunt that sounds like it was cooked up in a marketing department at a Vegas casino.


Instead of trusting the state’s residents to consult with their doctors and use their own best judgment to decide if the vaccine is right for them, he’s offering million-dollar lottery payouts for those who can show their vaccine “papers.” The announcement came with some scary-sounding warnings about how we remain “prey to the virus” and must remain vigilant because the “dark days of winter are coming”:

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And then he got to the part about the bribes:

Let me be the first to say it: DeWine, you’re crazy. This is the biggest Ohio boondoggle since John Kasich (back when he governed like a conservative) stopped the ill-conceived bullet-train project upon taking office. The whole scheme suggests that Ohioans are a bunch of children who need to be bribed with a lollipop to get them to take the shot. Millions of Ohioans have already been vaccinated, including a majority of the most vulnerable, and over a million more have had recovered from the virus. Maybe, instead of using a carrot-and-stick approach to pushing vaccines, the state should be truthful with residents about the real risks from the COVID-19 virus—how certain populations (the young, the healthy) have very little risk of getting seriously ill. Focus the efforts on those who need it most—not on school children who have a 99% survival rate. Oh, did I mention that DeWine has a lollipop for them, too?


Yes, he’s really doing this. He’s bribing children, who are in the lowest risk group, to take a vaccine that does not have FDA approval.

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You can almost hear the poor, manipulated children begging their parents to take them for the jab: “But mommy, that’s my only chance of getting a college education!” Despicable.

Nick Adams explained the political ramifications of DeWine’s stunt:

Yes, yes it is. Jim Renacci, who served in Congress from 2011-2019, has not yet officially announced that he will challenge DeWine in next year’s primary, but he’s pretty much a lock. And he didn’t mince words about the governor’s bizarro stunt:


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Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, also took issue with the vaccine lotto-palooza:

Hopefully, the state will open up on June 2 as promised. And, hopefully, Mike DeWine won’t get to be governor for a second term.



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