[Update] Fatality Reported as Car Plows into Crowd as 'Unite the Right' Clashes with Antifa, BLM Protesters

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Police report at least four injuries after a car plowed into a crowd of people as white nationalists from “Unite the Right” clashed with Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters Saturday afternoon in Charlottesville, Virginia.


City officials released the following statement about the incident:

Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police are on the scene of a three vehicle accident at Water and 4th Streets in Downtown Charlottesville. Multiple injuries are reported. People should clear the area to allow emergency medical personnel to respond. We will release more information as we are able.

It’s not clear whether this was an “accident” as police suggested, or an intentional ramming. It appears that two cars were involved, with the second car rear-ending the car in front.


According to a report from CBS News, at least four people were injured and “at least six people are on the ground.” A dozen medics are moving the injured on stretchers. “The victims appear to be counter-protesters but could be residents,” CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid reports. Authorities said the injuries range from minor to life-threatening.

“A car appeared to deliberately mow down pedestrians,” an eyewitness told Reid.

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Update 3:19 p.m. EST: The Washington Post is reporting that at least ten people were injured in the collision:

Susie McClannahan, 24, said counterprotesters were marching on Fourth Street when she saw a “silver gray vehicle” drive through the crowd, and then immediately shift into reverse in what she described as full speed.

“Everyone was in shock and all of a sudden we heard people scream get to the wall because the driver was backing up,” McClannahan said. She said those closest to the accident ran to those injured in the street.

 Update 4:21 p.m. EST: Witnesses say that this was a coordinated attack, with individuals directing the car toward the crowd:


The AP is reporting that one person has died and 19 were injured in the ramming attack.

A hospital official says one person has died and 19 were injured after a car plowed into a group of protesters in Charlottesville.

University of Virginia Medical Center spokeswoman Angela Taylor confirmed the death to The Associated Press.

The mayor of Charlottesville said via Twitter on Saturday that he is “heartbroken” to announce that a “life has been lost.” He did not provide details.



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