The Hardest Job in Sports—Being a Cleveland Browns Cheerleader

You think it’s hard being a player on the 1-14 Cleveland Browns team? How awful would it be to have to cheer for the beleaguered team—week after week after miserable week? Things are so bad in Cleveland that my son practically had to pay someone to take his tickets last week (he ended up selling them at a loss). People were joking that getting Browns tickets for Christmas was the equivalent of getting coal in your stocking. (Actually, they weren’t joking. Everyone is just averting their from the carnage of the 2016 season at this point.)


Still, these dedicated cheerleaders are doing their best to gin up some enthusiasm amongst the sparse, depressed—and increasingly hostile—crowds that show up at FirstEnergy Stadium. The awful plight of these poor women was documented in this short Facebook video:

Cleveland Browns Cheerleader | Hardest Jobs In Sports

This woman has to find ways to cheer for the Cleveland Browns. Every Sunday.

Posted by The Kicker on Thursday, December 29, 2016

The worst part of this story? The Browns don’t even have cheerleaders. The humiliation just never ends for this team.



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