Indians Fans Create Wedding Registry for Cubs' Kyle Schwarber and Fox Announcer Joe Buck

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Fox announcer Joe Buck’s admiration for Kyle Schwarber, who recently returned from the disabled list to play in the World Series, is getting annoying, if not borderline creepy. Yes, we know, Schwarber fought his way back from a horrible leg injury—getting his first hit of the season in the World Series, which makes him an actual legend or something (we know because Buck has told us at least 187 times over the course of three games). But Indians fans have had enough of Buck’s incessant fawning over this guy. If Schwarber strikes out, Buck declares it to be a brilliant at bat. If he hits a weak nubber to the shortstop, Buck marvels that the guy has the strength to hobble halfway to first base. Indians fans sounded off about Buck’s starry-eyed hyperbole on Twitter:


It got so bad that even the official Indians twitter account was trolling Buck. (It should be noted that poor Schwarber is not to blame for Buck’s theatrics.)


Indians fans are so annoyed by Buck’s man crush on Schwarber that they’ve decided to take action. First, there’s a petition on demanding that Fox replace Joe Buck with legendary announcer Bob Uecker. It currently has more than 54,000 signatories.

On Wednesday evening, Buck told FOX 8 Cleveland, “I get blamed for hating every team. I’m in a no-win. I get it. I’m a huge hockey fan, so when I’m at home in St. Louis and I’m listening to how the national guys call the Blues games, it’s like I want my own people calling it. People in Cleveland want their own people calling it. People in Chicago are used to their own people calling it. I get it.”

If I had my way, each team would get to send an announcer to the booth to call World Series games. That way, each team’s fan base would feel represented, and the announcers would have a greater depth of knowledge about the teams—beyond reading factoids from index cards. Maybe that way you could avoid these awful forced narratives about comeback players like Schwarber and the anointed underdog teams like the Cubs (yes, I get that the Cubs have a bigger fan base and there are ratings involved).


In addition to the petition, some disgruntled fans have created a wedding registry for Buck and Schwarber at Bed Bath & Beyond. With a wedding date of 3/4/17, fans have plenty of time to wish the happy couple well with a lovely Fitz and Floyd classic sugar bowl or an Oneida 75-piece flatware set. (Any actual gifts that are purchased will supposedly be donated to charity.)

See next page for some hilarious tweets about the wedding registry from Tribe fans.

Maybe they can take off a little early? Like before Game 4?

At any rate, it’s Tom Hamilton that Indians fans really want to hear when the game is on the line.


Sadly, the TV broadcast is on a delay, so it’s not possible to mute the TV and listen to the radio (trust me, I’ve tried), so it looks like we’re going to be stuck with Buck for the duration.




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