EU Migrant Situation Creating Multiple Flashpoints Across the Continent Amidst Growing Domestic Terror Insurgency

The passivity that European governments showed last year as hundreds of thousands of migrants flooded the continent appears to be bearing dire consequences as a long catalogue of incidents occurred over the past week.


Most notably, an American was stabbed to death on the streets of London and several more injured by a Somali man with a Norwegian passport who had been living in the UK since 2002.

And in Belgium, an Algerian man, whom the Islamic State credited as one of its “soldiers,” attacked and wounded two female police officers with a machete earlier today in Charleroi, screaming “Allahu Akbar.” And an entire neighborhood has been evacuated today in Liege after a Turkish man was spotted roaming the streets with a machete.

Since January 2015, there have been 17 terrorist attacks across Europe, killing 258 people and injuring hundreds more. Less than a month ago in Nice, France, on July 14, a Tunisian man, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, ran over and killed 85 and injured 208 more during a Bastille Day celebration.

In April, the House Homeland Security Committee released its European Terror Threat Snapshot showing that there have been 35 attempted terror attacks by ISIS in Europe since 2014, with 22 of them in 2015 — an average of 2 per month.

Increasingly, economic migrants and asylum seekers from North Africa and the Middle East are figuring prominently in the news related to Europe’s domestic terror insurgency.


This sampling of media reports from just the past week in Europe gives evidence to the scope of the problem:

Germany: How Ansbach suicide bomber made his way from Syria

France: Paris police on alert for Afghan asylum seeker who may be planning terror attack

Italy: Tunisian held on terror charges after pledging allegiance to the Islamic State

Belgium: Priest stabbed after opening his home to asylum seeker whom he refused to give money to

Sweden: Eritrean migrant slits throat of 7-year-old daughter of host family

Austria: Syrian teen refugees murder janitor who befriended them, his body dumped in bathtub

Bulgaria: Trial begins for three Islamic State-linked Syrian refugees charged with terrorism

Italy: Justice Minister tells Parliament Islamic State may be behind migrant flows

UK: London to deploy 600 more police and 900 more throughout England and Wales after terror attacks

Denmark: ISIS tried to recruit refugees from Danish migration center

Germany: Authorities announce 60 asylum seekers being investigated for terror links

France: Algerian man suspected of terror links expelled

Belgium: At least 5 of Paris, Brussels terror suspects were on Belgian welfare rolls

Italy: 100 migrants break through barrier from Italy to France

Poland: Parliamentarian claims Germany going to great lengths to cover up crimes of their refugees

Holland: No jail time for Iraqi refugee who killed 96-year-old woman

Belgium: Court releases convicted ISIS recruiter “Mother of Jihad” after serving 4 months of 15 year sentence

France: Interior Minister says 20 mosques shut down over radical ties since December


I reported here at PJ Media just a few days ago about a new Pew Research Center report showing that in Europe during 2015, asylum applications by “military-age” men were extremely over-represented, with roughly half coming from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

And the migration flow hasn’t stopped:

These add to the tens of millions of immigrants already living in the EU:

These trends should be of concern as the Obama administration has turned on the Syrian refugee spigot over the past two months:

And just this past week the Obama administration announced it was extending and renewing asylum for Syrian refugees through 2018:


But don’t think for a minute that administration officials are unleashing the refugee flood into their own neighborhoods:

This is happening as the backlog in immigration court cases now exceeds 500,000 for the first time:

And the long-term social effects of immigration in the U.S. are finally coming to light:

But as the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign hector America over calls to stop immigration from Muslim countries until a way to properly vet these refugees can be developed, I noted here at PJ Media this past week that the Obama administration is ALREADY discriminating against Syrian refugees on the basis of religion, namely non-Muslims:


According to the Refugee Processing Center, of the 6,877 Syrian refugees that have arrived in 2016 through July 31st, 6,834 of those are identified as Sunni, Shia, or generic Muslim. Only 43 (0.7 percent of total) refugees admitted have been non-Muslim.

That 0.7 percent of refugees arriving this year represents a statistically insignificant fraction of the more than 2.6 million Catholic, Syriac, Assyrian, and Greek Orthodox Christians, as well as Yazidis, other religions, and atheists living in Syria.

As Europe is in the beginning stages of a domestic terror insurgency being driven by reckless EU immigration policies, the immigration and national security issues are sure to dominate the political discussion here until the November presidential election.

And the fallout of Europe’s immigration situation will continue to dominate the news cycle.


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