5 Parenting Lessons from Curious George's 'The Man With the Yellow Hat'

My toddler is enamored with The Man With the Yellow Hat from Curious George. “Ted,” as he was named in 2006, is a fairly typical millennial dad. A far cry from the original version portrayed in the classic book by H.A. Rey, The Man With the Yellow Hat is an always-present yet free-range father-figure who loves encouraging George’s curiosity and taking care of him like a child. Why do kids love him? Here are five good reasons we parents can learn from.

1. Let your child take the lead

The Man With the Yellow Hat is a scientist by profession so he’s great at noticing when something catches George’s eye. For instance, when George starts dancing at the arrival of warmer weather, Ted decides George needs to learn about spring. Off they go to the park to have a sensory experience of the season, doing everything from smelling flowers to singing songs. Obviously, not every mother is Julie Andrews, but looking at your child instead of your phone (or instead of looking at your child through your phone for the umpteenth Instagram shot of the day) is a great way to notice what they’re interested in, especially before they’re verbal. Remaining mindfully present when parenting can be a challenge, but it’s worth it when it comes to relationship building. And who knows what you might learn along the way?