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5 Things Your Halloween Decorations Say About You

Halloween Decorations

It's October and pumpkins are lining up on porches, plastic tombstones are sprouting on lawns, and mechanical witches with glowing green eyes are taking up residence on windowsills in my neighborhood. The Halloween decorating has begun! This can be fun and charming (or gross and troubling) depending on the house, and I've noticed that people's choices of Halloween decorations unknowingly say a lot about them.

5. If you decorate at all, in even the slightest way, you are a cool person.

I think about 25% of the homes around me decorate for Halloween. I wish it was more (or, maybe I don't, if "more" means there would be more of the bad houses in addition to more of the really charming decorating efforts). If you take the time and effort and go to the expense of decorating for Halloween in any way, I think that says something about how you are a person who wants to engage with your neighbors. You could have just skipped decorating and kept your house blank. The fact that you wanted to be noticed and you wanted to engage means you are approachable. You don't just want to be left alone and to have people ignore you.