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Anti-Vaxxer Who Said, 'I Don't Need This Crap' Learns Lesson the Hard Way

Cormit Avital

New mom Cormit Avital thought she had it all figured out. Healthy, fit, and organic all her life, she refused the whooping cough vaccine that was offered to her when she was 28 weeks pregnant. In recent years, this vaccine has become a standard part of prenatal care. Doctors found that pertussis, which is a dangerous illness (especially in infants), can be prevented when the mother receives a booster in her third trimester. Her body creates antibodies against the disease and they are passed along to the unborn child, thereby preventing infection after birth.

In Avital's case, she developed the cough after she gave birth to her daughter, Eva, who then quickly became sick as well.

"[She was] coughing to the point of going blue, flopping in my hands, couldn't breathe, rushing [her] to hospital," Ms Avital said.

Eva had to be taken to the hospital several times, once after suffering apnoea which caused her to stop breathing for three minutes.

The newborn is now in intensive care and entering her fourth week of the disease.

"It's just so hard to watch this tiny little thing ... go from red to blue, sometime they go a bit black, and for a moment you think they are dead in your hands, they flop."

The rest of us should learn from this one woman's regrets. There are certain diseases that are preventable, and our poor children should not have to suffer as a result of some misguided fad. Vaccinate your children!