Martha Stewart Says She Raises Her Own Chickens to Combat Climate Change: 'I'm Not Polluting the Universe'

Martha Stewart in Washington, D.C. (Photo Credit: Nicholas Ballasy)

WASHINGTON — Businesswoman and television personality Martha Stewart said she raises her own chickens so she’s not “polluting the universe” and called on the public to take climate change seriously.


“My daughter eats no meat whatsoever. Her children eat no meat, so we’re going away for Thanksgiving this year because there’s no turkey. We’re going to Costa Rica,” Stewart said during the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show on Saturday.

“I have eaten, as a result, much, much less meat than I ever have before and I don’t miss it one bit. I also very much like to experiment with the new Beyond Beef and the Impossible Burger. They’re good. They’re tasty and they serve a very serious purpose and if we can get rid of a lot of the factory farming that we’re doing — I haven’t had a piece of chicken in a long time unless it’s my own chicken,” she added.

Stewart explained why she does not rely on factory farming.

“I do raise chickens and when they stop laying eggs they become the soup or they become the stock,” Stewart said. “I don’t mind that because I know what they’ve eaten and I know I’m not polluting the universe, so it’s important to think about it and I think the larger the population becomes in the world, the less we have to rely on factory farming.”

Stewart, whose net worth is reportedly estimated at more than $650 million, revealed that her next project is a new book titled, Organizing Everything in Your Life, which she related to climate change.


“We’re running out of space. It’s not about rolling things up into little balls and putting them into little boxes and throwing away everything. I don’t believe in that either. I do believe in leading an orderly life so that you can spend time doing other things once you get yourself organized. So, I think we’re faced with so many challenges, especially climate right now,” Stewart said.

“We really better start paying attention. It’s tragic what’s going on. California is a total tragedy. Australia now is burning up. I was in Tasmania last Christmas. The day we left the fire started and they burned for almost a month, burning so much of that beautiful territory so it’s really important that we really start taking it seriously. I don’t want to preach but I care about it a lot,” she added.


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