Children Yell 'Impeach Him' as Activists at Jane Fonda's Protest Give Them 'Remove Trump' Signs

Protestors at Jane Fonda's "Fire Drill Friday" hand children "Remove Trump" signs.

WASHINGTON — Actress Jane Fonda led another “Fire Drill Friday” climate action protest that caused police to close off public streets while activists marched to the White House without a permit.


At one point, protesters passed children in Alexandria City Public School buses and handed them “Remove Trump” signs through the windows. Some of the students cheered with the protestors and yelled, “Impeach him.”

Fonda was joined at the protest by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. This week’s protest, which was Fonda’s fifth demonstration on a Friday in the district, did not result in an arrest. Celebrity guests like Ted Danson and Sam Waterston have been arrested at previous protests in Washington with Fonda, who has been arrested four times while protesting climate change.


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