Jill Biden: With Joe as President, You Won't 'Turn the Channel,' You'll Call Kids in the Room

Dr. Jill Biden speaks in Fairfax, Va.

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, said Americans won’t need to “turn the channel” when the president comes on TV if her husband is in office.


Biden asked Democratic campaign volunteers for Virginia delegate candidate Dan Helmer to look “into the future.”

“You pick up the morning paper and the headline isn’t about some late-night tweetstorm — it’s about how we are going to give teachers the pay they deserve,” Biden said during a campaign canvas event for Helmer in Fairfax.

“And when they switch to the president of the United States you don’t turn the channel — you call in your kids from the other room because you want them to hear what the president of the United States has to say.”

Biden continued, “Leaders that we can be proud of. Leaders who bring people together instead of tearing families apart. We believe our best days are ahead of us, not behind us — that’s Dan Helmer and that’s my husband Joe Biden too.”

The campaign volunteers began chanting, “Joe, Joe, Joe.”

Mrs. Biden, who has been campaigning for her husband in early Democratic presidential primary states, amended the chant.

“Joe and Dan. Joe and Dan,” she said.


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