Alec Baldwin Advocates for Virginia to Pass Equal Rights Amendment

Actor and Activist Alec Baldwin campaigns for Democrats in Virginia.

Actor and political activist Alec Baldwin predicted that the Virginia General Assembly will turn blue and pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


Baldwin visited Virginia to campaign for several candidates including Dan Helmer, a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars who is running in the 40th district for the House of Delegates. Baldwin met with voters and Democratic campaign volunteers.

“It is a very sensitive issue to see the Republicans and the right wing in this country co-opt the whole military service thing, like if you are not a Republican, if you’re not a right winger, you don’t support the troops,” Baldwin said when speaking to Helmer campaign volunteers in Fairfax County on Tuesday.

Baldwin said whenever he is around veterans and active duty service members, “my hat goes off to them — my respect and my admiration.”

Following his speech to campaign volunteers, Baldwin was asked for his assessment of the Democratic Party’s momentum based on his campaigning in Virginia.

“I don’t know about momentum. I only know, hold on,” Baldwin said before pausing to capture a full rainbow with his smartphone. “While I’m talking to you about this stuff we’re missing this rainbow.”

Baldwin continued, “I know they have the better candidates. Virginia is a place that’s poised, like other parts of the country I’ve campaigned in like Houston, for example — I may get involved in the race there because I’m supporting Cristina Tzintzún against [John] Cornyn. Virginia is ready to move beyond the fear-driven politics that are the hallmark of the Trump era.”


Baldwin said he wants to see Virginia pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“They’re going to go blue. They’re going to flip these two seats and maybe more more than that. We’re going to see change in terms of gun control, health care, immigration,” he said. “I really am very excited about this — to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. It will be the 38th state to help lock that down.”

Baldwin declined to comment on the House’s impeachment inquiry against Trump.



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