Liberals Celebrate the Death of Philanthropist David Koch

Photo credit: ABC News

Some liberals are posting tweets on Friday celebrating the death of David Koch, a businessman and philanthropist who donated heavily to Republican candidates for the public office.


Someone responded to @MikeResistance1, saying that the Koch family’s money will live on. He replied, “I know. Give me 5 minutes of happiness.”

Another account, @RelUnrelated, wrote on Twitter that “the world became a slightly better place when he reached room temperature.”

A writer for The Nation magazine said “it rules that he died.”


Others posted similar celebratory statements about the news of Koch’s death.

User @dinnerbeans posted that she hopes Koch’s death was “intensely painful and bewildering. It is a fraction of what he deserves.”

Another user posted that he hopes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is next.


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