Rep. Jordan: U.S. Needs Lowest Corporate Tax in the World

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said the U.S. should make its corporate tax rate the lowest in the world.

“The tax code is broken and everyone knows it. Any tax code which says on the personal side half the population is not going to participate in the main tax is broken, all right,” Jordan told the Conservative Women’s Network.


“Any tax code on the corporate side that says to American companies ‘you are going to pay the highest corporate tax in the world’ is stupid, so if your tax code is broken and stupid maybe you want to change, right? And everyone knows that.”

Jordan said the Republican-led Congress should take on tax reform in the New Year.

“Let’s show how we’ll do something simple on the personal side and on the corporate side make it less complex – why should we just go to the midrange, which is 25 percent, which is what some people are talking about?” he said.

“Why not have the lowest corporate rate in the world and stop this phenomenon of inversion where Burger King goes to now Canada with Tim Hortons – it’s just ridiculous, so let’s fix the tax code.”

Jordan, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, also recommended the Republican Party put forth a plan in 2016 to reform social welfare programs.

“The biggest thing we can do next year is show our vision for how we would change the welfare system and truly help people trapped in that system – 79 different means-tested social welfare programs – 48 million on food stamps now in this country, a bunch of people in poverty; how we would fix it and help people get to a better life,” he said.


Jordan told the audience about his first job running a small lawn-mowing business with his brother.

“Here’s what we are doing in American today: we are robbing people of that experience and lessons you learn by going through that experience – we are robbing them of that,” he said.

“It is hurting our culture and ultimately hurting our country and we have to change it. And we have to talk about it in terms where it’s, how it’s going to help the individual stuck in one of those 79 different programs. So again, I think the future is bright because we are Americans.”


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