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Young Whites Warming to Black Lives Matter

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

News like this bodes poorly for the future of our country:

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has increased among young white adults, according to a poll that suggests a majority of white, black, Asian and Hispanic young adults now support the movement calling for accountability for police in the deaths of African-Americans.

Fifty-one percent of white adults between the ages of 18 and 30 say in a GenForward poll they now strongly or somewhat support Black Lives Matter, a 10-point increase since June, while 42 percent said they do not support the movement.

But most young whites also think the movement’s rhetoric encourages violence against the police, while the vast majority of young blacks say it does not. And young whites are more likely to consider violence against police a serious problem than say the same about the killings of African-Americans by police.

It would be fascinating to chat with people who both support Black Lives Matter and “think the movement’s rhetoric encourages violence against the police.” How does that work? Do they support violence against the police? Are they critical of such rhetoric, but support Black Lives Matter in spite of it? How is violence against police not a deal-breaker for these people?

This apparent shift in opinion favoring the Black Lives Matter movement proves worrisome on a few fronts. First, it affirms the criminal tactics the movement has used to get its narrative across. Gaining public favor will embolden agitators to continue. That in turn paves the way for similar terror tactics to be used in other policy areas. If taking to the streets to pillage and burn works in protest of police, why not do so for something like single-payer healthcare or amnesty for illegal immigrants?

The Black Lives Matter narrative is almost entirely contrived, as demonstrated by Bill Whittle in the video below. To the extent there are legitimate criminal justice concerns intermingled within the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, they cannot be addressed without first recognizing the facts.

Worst of all, favor for Black Lives Matter means forsaking law and order. It means forsaking deliberative process within ordered liberty, and turning instead to brute force played out in the streets. It’s truly bizarre that anyone would make that choice, particularly young whites who have nothing whatsoever to gain from it and everything to lose.