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Boston Cops Warned After Officer's Vehicle Tampered With

Boston Cops Warned After Officer's Vehicle Tampered With
(Curtis Compton/Atlanta-Journal Constitution via AP)

We live in crazy times. Police nationwide feel under siege, and not without cause. From The Daily Mail:

Boston police are being warned to check their cars before driving off after a cop’s vehicle was tampered with.

The officer, whose name is not being released, was driving away from the police department’s District 1 station, in central Boston, yesterday when his rear wheel came off.

He was not injured in the incident but when the cop took the car to the shop for repairs, a mechanic found the car had been tampered with. Someone had loosened or removed the lug nuts holding the wheel in place before he drove away.

The incident comes as law enforcement agencies are tense in the wake of vicious attacks in Baton Rouge and Dallas.

One of the narratives from the Black Lives Matter movement has been that young black men cannot take their safety for granted on account of racist trigger-happy police officers. The most radical elements have expressed intent to instill that same unease in police officers, to terrorize them as they claim to have been terrorized. If officers can’t confidently enter their vehicles and drive off without reasonable fear of tampering, that vile objective has been accomplished.

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