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'Victim' Jussie Smollett Gets Snarky on the Witness Stand When Prosecutor Reads the Actor's Racist Messages

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As his trial on six felonies wraps up in Chicago, Jussie Smollett would like you to know that he’s still a victim. He made his victimhood the centerpiece of his testimony on the last day of the trial when the actor lashed out at the prosecutor. Jussie would like everyone to know — especially the jury in his race hoax trial — that he will forever be a victim. And now his own private messages to the men who were paid to attack him have once again made him a victim.

The special prosecutor, Dan Webb, brought in to replace the er, compromised district attorney, read Smollett’s messages to the two men he’s accused of hiring to pull off the race hoax. Webb read at least one of them out loud in the courtroom before the actor objected, demanding the attorney censor his messages out of deference for African Americans in the courtroom.

The messages Smollett sent were filled with the “n-word.”

It’s never a good look for an old white guy to utter the n-word in a courtroom. Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney learned that the hard way.

So, Webb came up with a solution. He made Jussie read his own n-word-filled messages.

From Yahoo News:

“Can you just say ‘the N-word’ or spell the word?” Smollett objected. “Out of respect for every African American here.”

Webb apologized and let Smollett read the messages to the jury.

It makes you wish for cameras in the courtroom, doesn’t it?

Indeed, it would be one thing if Jussie Smollett were the victim of evil acts by his erstwhile friends, but all indications are that he brought this upon himself. He’s been caught by both local and federal law enforcement for staging his own attack.

Still, as Yahoo News also reported, he continued to play the race card, victim status, and injustice while on the stand.

“There’s also no messages about an attack, yet I’m on trial for an attack [I] didn’t do,” Smollett said at one point. He also denied doing a “dry run” with the Osundairo brothers two days before the alleged attack.

Law enforcement authorities say Abimbola and Olabingo Osundairo were paid off by Smollett to carry out the hoax race attack about 2 a.m. on Jan. 29, 2019.

Smollett is accused of giving the Nigerian brothers, one of whom was Smollett’s sexual partner according to trial testimony, to buy the materials for the attack — rope, bleach, and red hats. They roughed up Smollett, reportedly hoping it would be captured on CCTV video. It was not.

They are also being prosecuted for their participation in the hoax.

Smollett later told police that the “attack,” in which his friends yelled racist and homophobic slurs and declared, “This is MAGA country!” that his attackers were white Trump supporters.

He testified on Tuesday that he’d taken off the noose from his neck and replaced it when cops were coming to take a report.

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Smollett also attempted to “OK, Boomer” the special prosecutor at one point during cross-examination about the actor’s Instagram messages. Smollett said, “Mr. Webb, with all due respect you don’t understand Instagram.” Smollett then reportedly went on to mansplain from the witness stand the difference between reacting to Instagram stories and direct messages.

“I don’t understand Instagram,” Webb replied, saying he wanted to focus on the private messages. “If you could answer your questions, and not volunteer answers, I would be grateful.”

“I’m sure you would,” Smollett fired back.

Jussie is cranky, but he’s a victim, so he has a right to be…apparently.

He’s a favorite son of Chicago, and the jury may let him off for the wild goose chase on which he sent local, state, and federal investigators.

The actor is being sued to get the taxpayers’ money back.

Kyle Rittenhouse was wrongly accused of murder, is 20-years-Smollett’s junior, and conducted himself with more grace and poise than did the actor.

Now it’s up to the jury.