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Bongino's Back On the Radio With a Challenge for 'Conservative, Inc.'

Bongino's Back On the Radio With a Challenge for 'Conservative, Inc.'
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Dan Bongino’s trying to make the best of it. The Fox News host, podcaster, and tech entrepreneur was back on terrestrial radio on Wednesday after spending nearly two weeks off the air. He told his audience that part of the reason he returned before negotiations over the dispute were completed was because of “Conservative, Inc.” and its failure to “support me when I was out dangling on my own, fighting this vaccine mandate at this company.”

Bongino challenged Cumulus Radio execs over the corporation’s demand that employees get shot up with experimental emergency COVID vaccines or be fired.

He acted when he was “blindsided” by the company firing people and denying religious exemptions. It was a gut punch. He demanded that the corporation get rid of the mandate and held out until they listened to reason — and science.

Bongino, who has received a COVID shot due to being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, took up the fight as an act of solidarity, but so far, the corporation’s shot-or-not stance has prevailed. The company didn’t include considerations for natural immunity.

He told his community that there was some movement by the company but not a lot.

The host said, “The parent company is not budging on their vaccine mandate so you may fairly enough say well ‘why are you back?’ Well folks, if they’re not going to solve this problem, then I’m going to do it.”

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Bongino says he’ll put $250,000 in a fund to help Cumulus employees who were forced out because they couldn’t or wouldn’t take the shot.

I’m going to create a fund for these Cumulus employees who were let go, in a rather pathetic, disturbing fashion, I might add. I’m going to highlight their stories. I’m going to put $250,000 of my own money in that fund. I’ll keep you updated. Show you receipts. I owe you that.

We’ll take care of Cumulus employees and then open it up to cops, firemen, and anyone else

The outspoken conservative says he’s repulsed by what he dismissed as “jealous” people who are part of “Conservative, Inc.” and did nothing to support him.

I could have used their support here while I was out dangling on my own, fighting this vaccine mandate at this company; many decided to go behind the scenes and leak to the left wing media to try to shut me up because it was putting pressure on them.

Behind the scenes in this business there are a lot of jealous, envious people. And that’s putting it mildly because I’m trying to be nice. And a lot of them, I guess we would call them the Conservative, Inc. crowd, are largely concerned about where they’re going to get their next million bucks or next radio contract and they’re not actually concerned about actual conservative stuff. I’ll leave you to figure out who those people are.

So, the good news is that Bongino is back live on the air and the bad news is that people who have already had the virus or don’t want the vaccine will lose their jobs if they refuse the shot.

Maybe “Conservative, Inc.” will pony up some cash for that fund.