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Dana Loesch Asks Some Excellent and Inconvenient Questions About the Shooting of Adam Toledo by Chicago Cop

Dana Loesch Asks Some Excellent and Inconvenient Questions About the Shooting of Adam Toledo by Chicago Cop
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Radio host Dana Loesch told the truth on Fox News’s “Hannity” show on Thursday night about the latest tragic police-involved shooting, so, naturally, the mob will try to cancel her. Again.


On Thursday, Chicago police released the videos of the March 29 shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, who was armed with a handgun.

The cop chased Toledo down an alley at 2:38 a.m., yelling at him twice: “Police! Stop!” And then yelled, “Show me your f*cking hands!” Toledo kept running. The officer then told him twice to “drop it!” But by the second time he had to ask it was too late. Just eight-tenths of a second later the officer shot him in the chest.

It was only when the officer went to give first aid and check his wound that he realized the suspect was a younger male. He called for an ambulance, called for a medic kit, treated the wound, and began CPR. Later, he was heard sobbing over the incident.

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While anti-cop agitators will inevitably blame the officer for his action because it’s de rigueur, Loesch had other questions after watching all the police and surveillance videos released from the shooting.

We always talk about peoples’ lives mattering. Adam Toledo’s life mattered. Adam Toledo’s life mattered enough that the people around him should never have allowed a 13-year-old child out into an alleyway in the city in the middle of the night with an armed 21-year-old who was a prohibited possessor. No one’s having that conversation! Lives matter! And they matter enough to take care of him, Sean. Lives matter enough that they don’t allow children to get in this situation.

If everybody’s going to be going off on this cop, where are all the adults in Adam Toledo’s life right now? And that is not politically incorrect to say, that is the correct thing that people should be saying right now.


If Adam Toledo’s life mattered then it is worth it to ask why it didn’t matter enough, apparently, to keep him out of that alley. As a mother, I’m asking!


Loesch said something that is so rarely heard these days after a police shooting.

What was a 13-year-old kid armed with a gun doing in a dark alley at 2:30 in the morning?

After the videos were released, the Chicago police union spokesman told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the shooting was justified.

Time lapse photos show that the officer had 8/10ths of a second to determine if that weapon was still in his hands or not. There’s no way a rational person can say they can process that and their muscle reaction would be less than one second.

People forget that cops have to react to whatever it is a perpetrator is doing. It takes more time to react to an action.

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In this case, it took eight-tenths of a second to react, but that was enough time for Adam Toledo to have gotten off a shot from his gun.

Loesch may as well have asked why Michael Brown start beating Darren Wilson. Why did Trayvon Martin start beating George Zimmerman? Why wouldn’t George Floyd allow the cops to arrest him and sort it out later? Unpopular questions. Kudos to Dana Loesch for asking a few of them about this shooting. These questions are unpopular to say out loud.

We’ve been so busy blaming cops for everything, some of us forgot to ask why that situation started in the first place and who’s responsible for it. Thank you to Loesch for asking a few.

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