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Pathetic: Only 6 Senators Voted 'No' on 'COVID Relief' Bill 'Monstrosity'

Pathetic: Only 6 Senators Voted 'No' on 'COVID Relief' Bill 'Monstrosity'
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It’s Christmas! Our backs were to the wall! We didn’t have time to do it before the holidays! We’re powerless! We’re in the lame duck session! People need money now!

All of these are excuses for why Republicans blithely went along with the House-generated Democrat spend-a-thon bill that will dispense $900 billion to practically everything in addition to, oh, yes, the little people who have been dying on the vine waiting for Nancy Pelosi to stop her run-out-the-clock offense and get the checks to the little people for not being able to work during the COVID shutdowns. And in the end, what will they get? A check for $600.

Unless they’re family members of illegal aliens, in which case the non-citizens will get retroactive pay.

So glad that the Pakistani youth will get $10,000,000 of American money for gender help. But sure, COVID!

The Pacific Northwest salmon, or as people in the PNW call them, “St. Salmon,” will be protected beyond the protected protections and billions spent already on the protections of the protection programs being shored up to protect them again. But, COVID!

Only six U.S. senators said, ‘cut the crap, you guys’ and voted no. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin hoped for a pile-on from the Twitterverse, but for some of us, it was a short-cut way of telling us whom to thank.

6 Republican against voted against the relief bill:

Marsha Blackburn
Rick Scott
Ron Johnson
Mike Lee
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky asked senators where they were going to get the money for all the spending. Print it? He urged leaders to open the economy, with safeguards, because government can’t bail everybody out.

We are borrowing and worsening this debt crisis, in part, because too many governors and mayors have imposed heavy handed restrictions that crush business…

Florida Senator Rick Scott said he wants to help people but he also doesn’t want to saddle them for the debt that a $600 check will give them.

I supported and fought for many of the Covid provisions in last night’s bill.

Unfortunately they were attached to an omnibus spending bill that was thousands of pages long and chock full of handouts to special interests and wasteful spending. I couldn’t support it.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was PO’d they’d been given barely any time to read the 5,000-plus page bill. They left no time for debate, which, of course, was the point.

Senator Ted Cruz called all the pork stuffed into the COVID help package a “monstrosity.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn listed specifically why she voted against the “bloated bill.”

Why I voted Against The Bloated COVID Bill:

  • Unconscionable Spending
  • Billions for NY Public Transport
  • Endless Lawsuits for Businesses
  • Grants for Prisoners
  • Illegal Immigrant Benefits
  • Energy Market Interference
  • Liberal Agenda-Driven Foreign Aid

She wasn’t done. In a series of tweets, Blackburn castigated the process.

Since July, Senate Republicans have been working to provide the American people with targeted economic relief in the face of the COVID pandemic. Congressional Democrats fought us every inch of the way, and held this relief hostage as they pressed for over $3 trillion. The legislation passed yesterday will support vaccine development and distribution, assist schools and universities, and provide crucial help to Tennessee small businesses. However, I cannot support nearly $2.4 trillion in spending that will make recovery even harder. I have serious concerns with provisions buried in the 5,593 page bill, such as expanded visas, Pell grants for prisoners, and households with illegal aliens receiving economic impact payments. For these reasons, I voted no on passage of this legislation.

Pell grants for prisoners worth $5,435 per year.

And how much will this $900 billion, plus the other $2.4 trillion cost the American taxpayer?

What would happen if President Trump were to spike it and tell Congress to go back for a do-over to fund an actual COVID relief bill? It couldn’t be worse than this “monstrosity,” could it? These guys are getting paid. They can work a holiday every once in a while.

Millions of Americans would love the chance to do that this year.


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