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Woman in Wheelchair Is Beaten by Minneapolis Rioters Who Then Claim She 'Deserved' It

Woman in Wheelchair Is Beaten by Minneapolis Rioters Who Then Claim She 'Deserved' It
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When the embers turn cold after the torching of the Auto Zone and what’s left of the Target store picked apart by looters and rioters is put into sandwich-sized baggies and discarded; when the arson detectives finally determine what kind of accelerant was used to start the fire which destroyed an apartment building under construction, when George Floyd has been laid to rest, there will still be questions about the lady in the wheelchair.

The woman, identified by The New York Post as  “Jennifer” was beaten, sprayed, pummeled, and given a fire extinguisher ‘shower’ while apparently trying to stop rioters from looting in Minneapolis Wednesday night. She placed herself in the doorway of the Target to prevent looters from getting away, she said later.

It was a fool’s errand.

Beating up Jennifer made as much sense as the looting in the first place.

It made about as much sense as police holding down a face-down handcuffed perp with a knee on the neck until he passed out –  for a nonviolent crime.

And it didn’t set things right. Rioting, random beatings and looting in the name of George Floyd did a disservice to his memory.

Riots Are “Better Together”

The blonde woman who wore a t-shirt with the slogan “Better Together” emblazoned on it, learned fast that things are not “better together” when you’re together with a riotous mob.

Jennifer also reportedly brought a knife to a riot. Rioters and looters screamed “She’s stabbing black people!” and “She’s got a knife” all while beating her and staying out of the wheelchair-sitting woman’s reach. For bringing a knife to a riot, the rage mob – both in person and on Twitter – said she deserved the beat down. “Sorry, not sorry,” said one who claimed the woman had conducted a “stabbing spree.”

Jennifer said looters and rioters beat her from the front and back. Indeed, there’s video of a woman beating her in the head from behind. Fortunately, looters and rioters around her had some scruples and begged the woman to stop.

Journalist Andy Ngo cast about on Twitter for more video of the rioters and Jennifer found this video of her being choked by a concerned citizen who was ostensibly upset over the police killing.

For bringing it up, Ngo, the gay, Vietnamese-American was called a racist and worse. They poured so much hatred on Ngo that his name was trending on Twitter for awhile.

Rioters Beat a “Crisis Actor”

The dangerous rage mob also decided that since video which appeared of the woman getting out of her wheelchair and walking that she must have “set up” the rioters and must have been a “crisis actor” and therefore got what she deserved. If so, she never appears to have used her abilities to fight back, only her disabilities. If you don’t beat up the “crisis actor” can they still be a victim?

We understand that the police killing has tilted the finely tuned sense of righteous indignation in the mobs but even if Jennifer were a “crisis actor” you still beat her and that makes you a bad person. And George Floyd is still gone. Do yourself a favor and stay away from anything which purports to “honor” him. You’re a disgrace.

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