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Nancy — Need 'All Hands on Deck' to Fight COVID-19 — Pelosi Extends House Vacation for 3 More Weeks

It’s hard to know what’s more clueless, Nancy Pelosi showing late-night TV host James Corden her ignorance or showing him the contents of her freezer.

Pelosi was featured on the properly socially-distanced Late Late Show with James Corden Tuesday night.

The professionally made-up and coifed 80-year-old House Speaker (Of course I had a glam squad. Don’t you who I am?) accused President Trump of denying and delaying his response to the coronavirus. She claimed it was “dangerous” and “caused deaths.” Not a typo.

The delay and the denial caused deaths and that’s just the way it is. We right now would hope that they would learn from their mistakes and you can be, sort of, say, “Let’s go forward and we’re well informed scientific-based way,” but if they’re not going to do that I think it’s really important that we declare that we must. [emphasis added]

Trump’s a murderer because he didn’t act fast enough and is not sciency enough.

Got it.

For a refresher, on January 31st, President Trump ordered flights from China stopped because of the Wuhan coronavirus. Democrats promptly called Trump a racist and xenophobe for cutting off the flights. Four weeks after the China travel ban, this was Nancy Pelosi on the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown urging Americans to come visit. There’s nothing to fear from getting in the crowds. “All is well. Everything is safe,” she said.

Today, San Francisco’s on lockdown, Chinatown’s a ghost town, and the San Fran Nan is supposedly locked in her Pacific Heights manse for the duration.

But the Speaker was adamant to Corben in saying we must act fast and “work 24-7 and [have] all hands on deck … working for a cure, vaccine and the rest.”

Quickly now! Someone should do something!

This was just hours after Pelosi gave House members another 3 weeks off “absent an emergency.” That’s a quote. Guess that whole National Emergency/global pandemic thing doesn’t qualify as “an emergency.”

Perhaps Pelosi could use that extra time waiting for “an emergency” to eat all that ice cream in her freezer.

My PJ Media colleague Jim Treacher was quite taken by the contents of Pelosi’s freezer, as was I.


I could use me some of that $60 ice cream right about now.

But back to Nanny.

Pelosi used half her air time to accuse President Trump of winging his response to the coronavirus because, as she claimed, he doesn’t believe in “in science, facts, evidence, and data.”

She tried to cloak her trashing of the president, his Coronvirus Task Force, and his response to the virus as a moral imperative. “We cannot aid and abet the danger he is causing!” she lectured. “Some of us [who] didn’t want to appear political wanted to do this in a bipartisan, non-partisan way are finding that not to speak is very political.”

And what about the, ahem, scientists who are advising the president, such as epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci? Pelosi took a shot at him, wondering, “Why he is standing there [behind Trump] and what does he think he should be doing?”

Corden was all-in, asking plaintively, “Why is it do you think he has chosen that tack? … Why do you think the president has chosen to ignore scientists and science and talk about reopening the country not shut the country down soon enough why, why do you think?”

Pelosi responded:

Well, I do think he is in denial and again, the delays are dangerous. I’ve said that over and over again. But the fact is if you’re not evidence based, if you’re not science-based, uh, you have the luxury of just saying whatever you feel like and that luxury is one our country can no longer afford because it is again dangerous. So, I can’t psyche out [sic] the president and why he doesn’t do certain things. But I just do wonder how others can stand with him and while he says the things he does, uh, in a way that they are accepting as truth.

Allow me to translate: Don’t believe the president, his experts, or anyone associated with him. But I don’t think it’s important enough to go back to work over. Oh, and, look at this $60 ice cream.

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