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Here's What Bloomberg and Schumer Did Before and After AIPAC – Where There Were 5 Cases of Coronavirus


On Monday, March 2, then-presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg spoke at the AIPAC conference, a political gathering for friends of Israel. The next day, he was seen picking up two pieces of pizza, putting one back in the box, licking his fingers, and touching a pot of coffee where presumably others would pick up his germs.


His unsanitary behavior drew boos from the germaphobe-in-chief, Donald Trump.

He wrote, “Mini Mike, don’t lick your dirty fingers. Both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself!”

The president’s tweet has disappeared from his timeline.

On March 2, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke to AIPAC and on March 4, he was in front of a crowd on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh:

We don’t know at this point if Bloomberg and Schumer came into contact with any of the people diagnosed with the virus, but Israel says it will not let in anyone who’s been around coronavirus – including at AIPAC – without being quarantined.

While much as been made out of the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, discovering one person with coronavirus (COVID-19), and two lawmakers self-quarantining, at AIPAC we now learn that five people have been diagnosed with the virulent virus and more than 20 Democrats were in attendance as well as Republicans, including Ted Cruz, who was one of those who voluntarily quarantined himself after CPAC. He also went to AIPAC.

CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp groused today on WMAL-radio about what he believes is disparate media treatment of the two conferences and the taint of coronavirus. On one side, liberals reacted with glee to news of the one case of coronavirus at CPAC, and there were copious stories about it. On the other, at the time of the airing of the program, Schlapp said there’d been no stories about the AIPAC outbreak.

“Let me tell you. Something I’m pretty upset about is right after CPAC they had the AIPAC conference. They had three cases of corona at AIPAC. By the way, they’re handling it very, very well and I have no criticism of them, but they had three times as many corona cases and I can’t find a news story on it. Twenty elected Democrats went to AIPAC including Charles Schumer and Michael Bloomberg. Schumer went from AIPAC to give those blistering, disgusting comments against Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the step of the Supreme Court and no reporter has even asked him if he could have been exposed. Bloomberg went to the AIPAC conference and then put his fingers all over that piece of pizza in that disgusting [talking over each other] … He did that right after going to an AIPAC conference with triple the cases of corona. Not a story. Why should I have to endure the last three days of international disparaging coverage about the fact that I had polluted the president, which I didn’t. Everybody was washing behind the stage because there was no chance. [Interrupted]”

At the time of the interview, there were three times as many cases, but within hours of his interview that number went up to five.

About two dozen Democrats went to AIPAC and spoke. In addition to Senator Schumer and Bloomberg, they included former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, Reps. Nita Lowy, Elaine Luria, Ted Deutch and Steny Hoyer, among others.  None has indicated that they will self-quarantine after being exposed to the five cases of coronavirus-afflicted patients.

Among the Republicans who attended AIPAC were Cruz, Vice President Mike Pence, who’s in charge of the Trump coronavirus task force, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. and Rep. Liz Cheney.

No other persons with coronavirus have been reported from the conservative meeting. It’s been nine days since the event, and Schlapp has been told CPAC-goers are, at this point, in the clear.

You probably haven’t heard that yet. And Schlapp thinks he knows the reason.

“AIPAC, which occurred after CPAC, has received no media coverage. If that’s the way the media is going to handle potential corona outbreaks, they need to do it with some balance. Go to where the corona [story] is, don’t just go to where the Trump-lovers are.”

He makes a good point.

It may also be a good idea to check the finger-licking-good pizza-eaters after Bloomberg’s sickening moves.

Science, you know.