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Stunner: Watch Side-by-Side Video of Re-Pete Buttigieg and Obama Giving the Same Speech.

Stunner: Watch Side-by-Side Video of Re-Pete Buttigieg and Obama Giving the Same Speech.

Pete Buttigieg is Barack Obama’s Mini Me, or, as one Twitter user put it, “Fauxbama.”

Buttigieg’s speech cadence, his shirt sleeves and even the knot of his tie are the same as President Obama’s.


And now a political Twitter account called “The Recount” has found that former Mayor Buttigieg’s words are exactly the same as Obama’s.

For years Barack Obama reused and recycled Deval Patrick’s old “no red America, no blue America, just the United States of America” speech written by their mutual political spirit animal David Axelrod. Obama, ahem, borrowed Elizabeth Warren’s “you didn’t build that” trope to denigrate initiatives by business owners to support the idea that government help was really responsible for your success.

But now the former president knows what it’s like when someone plagiarizes him.

Watch this video and marvel at the chutzpah of Buttigieg. It’s not as funny “bad lip reading” but it is amazing to behold:

Back in the 1988 presidential election, Joe Biden not only plagiarized UK Labor Leader Neil Kinnock’s speech, but his life story. He was shamed out of the race. Mykell Pledger said Buttigieg should get out:

Ian Bremmer said Biden could have stolen all Obama’s speeches but wouldn’t be able to remember them all:


Donald Trump Jr. said, “OMG! It’s all an act folks”:

This person called Mayor Pete the Prince of Platitude:

Trump Students had a unique take on the plagiarism:

Even Meghan McCain scolded Buttigieg, “Oh come on! I know Pete thinks he’s the next Obama but this is ridiculous:

People don’t like cheating and stealing. “Plagiarizing Pete” is beginning to trend on Twitter. But one woman suggested Mayor Pete be renamed “Re-Pete.”

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