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Obama's Iran Brainiac Piped Up to Trash Trump & GOP Congressman Absolutely Vaporized Him

Deputy National Security Adviser For Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

The man who takes credit for the deal to send $1.7 billion in shrink-wrapped cash-filled pallets to pay off Iran’s mullahs poked his head out of his Twitter hidey hole on Tuesday and now probably regrets the whole thing.

Ben Rhodes trashed the president as Iranian-backed Shia militias attacked the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

“Nice” timing, Obama’s Brain.

President Trump has ordered more troops be sent to secure the 100-acre facility in Iraq’s Green Zone.

Rhodes, the man who joked that he’d created a news media “echo chamber” (sound familiar?) to sell his outrageous pay-off of Iran’s mullahs in exchange for hostages in the “Iran Deal,” dared to pipe up and trash Trump’s Iran policy.

Rhodes scolded: “It’s hard to overstate what a total failure Trump’s Iran policy has been. Nuclear program resumed. Regional provocations escalated. US isolated.”

Immediately, Congressman Lee Zeldin, the Ranking Member of a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight, aimed and fired his verbal vaporizer:

He wrote:

“…Pallets of cash. Ransom payments. Tens of Billions freed for terrorism. Kidnapping & shaming US Navy Sailors. Test firing ICBMs. Financing Assad in Syria & Hezbollah in Lebanon. Helping the Houthis overthrow the govt in Yemen…That was Iran on your watch Subject Matter Expert”

Hard to argue with that.