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Snopes 'Fact-Checks' an Image to Cover For Skittles' 'White Pride' Snafu

Snopes screenshot.

Back in 2017, Skittles had a brilliant idea. Instead of “tasting the rainbow” during that oh so sacred of “Pride” months, June, the company’s packaging would go colorless so as not to “distract” from the rainbow that only ever stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and whatever other gobbledygook comes next (don’t you DARE mention the Noahic Covenant, bigot!). This led to a hilarious mix-up last year.

“Skittles White Pride,” read a label on the new bag of Skittles at SPAR, a Dutch retailer that operates in countries across the world, including Britain.

A comedic Twitter account known as “No Context Brits” shared an image of the old packaging on Thursday.

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SPAR quickly responded, explaining that “this was a labelling error last year that was quickly rectified. We will make sure it never happens again. Many thanks!”

No one in his or her right mind would think that SPAR or Mars (the company that makes Skittles) actually endorses “white pride,” much less white supremacy, through such packaging. Sane individuals would laugh at the image and move along with their day — getting a chuckle out of Mars’ woke LGBT virtue signaling.

Yet such laughter isn’t acceptable to Snopes. No, the woke scolds who have repeatedly targeted the Babylon Bee, condemning the right-leaning satire site of being more “misinformation” than satire, couldn’t leave well enough alone. Snopes decided to “fact-check” the image.

Of course, Snopes couldn’t call the image “false” or “misinformation.” The image was real — SPAR had acknowledged it as such. But Snopes did attempt to delegitimize the image, claiming that it was a “mixture” of truth.

“The photograph was authentic. However… The ‘Skittles White Pride’ shelf label was the result of an isolated oversight rather than a racially charged corporate expression of white supremacy on the part of SPAR, the supermarket chain, or Mars, which makes Skittles,” Snopes duly informed its readers.

Yes, Snopes seized on a joke post and took pains to explain that SPAR and Mars do not celebrate “white supremacy.” Marxist critical race theorists would be so relieved… But aren’t SPAR and Mars companies that *gasp* take part in that oh-so-white supremacist system of *double gasp* CAPITALISM?!?!?! How does Snopes KNOW that this wasn’t a hidden dog whistle to white supremacists? Huh?

All kidding aside, Snopes’ suggestion that anyone would think Mars or SPAR were endorsing white supremacy with the “white pride” snafu is absurd.

However, the episode does illustrate the dangers of catering to the woke mob these days. Skittles had been so intent on virtue signaling its support for the LGBT cause that it adopted a marketing strategy that could be labeled “white pride.” The bags celebrating “Pride” were white, after all. When Mars debuted the packaging in 2017, the company could not imagine the critical race theory outrage against hidden “whiteness” that would make this packaging “problematic.”

Perhaps companies should focus on selling high-quality goods and services, rather than catering to one particular interest group or another. Woke standards shift so quickly that last year’s virtue signaling can easily become this year’s unintentionally hilarious snafu.

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But don’t you dare laugh, or Snopes will brand your jokes “misinformation.”