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Most Americans Give Trump High Marks on North Korea

President Donald Trump smiles during a campaign rally in Washington Township, Mich., Saturday, April 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Fifty-five percent of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s diplomacy on North Korea, a new Associated Press (AP) poll found.

This shouldn’t be surprising, given the complete turnaround on North Korea — Trump’s aggressive maneuvering actually brought Kim Jong-Un to the table when so many commentators thought it would spark a nuclear war.

I was quite frankly flabbergasted when Kim backed down, and couldn’t help but agree as crowds chanted “Nobel! Nobel!” We’ll still have to wait and see how the negotiations turn out, but America already got some hostages back. Trump had already achieved something that was thought impossible, even if negotiations fall short in the future.

Unlike with Iran under Obama (talk about a horrendous disaster!), America already has concrete concessions from Kim. Let’s hope it keeps getting better.