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Planned Parenthood: ‘We Need’ a Transgender, Undocumented 'Disney Princess Who's Had An Abortion’

On Tuesday morning, a Planned Parenthood affiliate posted a tweet demanding a Disney princess for each of five identity politics groups.

“We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion,” the list began. “We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice.”

In addition to these abortion-themed Disney princesses, Planned Parenthood Keystone also demanded other identity politics groups get representation in Disney films.

“We need a disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant,” the affiliate tweeted. “We need a disney princess who’s actually a union worker. We need a disney princess who’s trans.”

Tweet from Planned Parenthood demanding Disney princesses for every liberal cause.

Twitter screenshot, a Planned Parenthood tweet demanding Disney princesses for all the Leftist causes.

Yes, an affiliate with the nation’s largest abortion provider, which receives hundreds of millions in federal government funding, did not advocate for just abortion in children’s films, but a whole cadre of Leftist causes.

An organization that receives federal funding flouted immigration law by championing the cause of illegal “undocumented” immigrants. An organization receiving federal funding advocated for union representation in children’s films.

While the fact that a federally funded abortion provider would advocate for transgender identity in films directed toward young children should shock parents, it would not be out of the norm for Planned Parenthood. In its preschool guidance, the organization suggests teaching children that “genitals don’t make you a boy or girl.”

These non-abortion-related themes might draw attention because they have nothing to do with Planned Parenthood’s cause, but the advocacy for abortion in children’s films should terrify parents. Not only is abortion utterly unacceptable as a children’s theme, but a large segment of Americans believe the practice constitutes the killing of a human being, a form of murder.

In this context, it is darkly ironic that America’s largest abortion provider is targeting the very children it prevents from being born with Leftist propaganda.

Disney movies have a broad impact on culture. Millennials grew up watching “Beauty and the Beast” (1991), “The Lion King” (1994), and “Aladdin” (1992), and their children are growing up watching “Frozen” (2013) and other films yet to be released. This Planned Parenthood affiliate may be smart to target this cultural behemoth, but Americans will not stand for Disney becoming fully weaponized for the liberal agenda.

Perhaps for this reason, Planned Parenthood Keystone unceremoniously deleted the tweet.