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Photo of Trump Sneaking a Peak at Melania's Ballot Goes Viral

Did Donald Trump cheat when casting his vote on Tuesday? A photo of the Republican nominee sneaking a peak at his wife Melania’s ballot has gone viral.

Some people jokingly suggested that Trump copied Melania, who herself  plagiarized Michelle Obama’s ballot.

The best part of this joke is that Melania did indeed seem to plagiarize the first lady’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Even better, an RNC spokesman said that if Trump’s wife plagiarized Michelle Obama, she also plagiarized the rapper Akon and the My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle.

Here’s that video.

In addition to the plagiarism angle, some people wondered if Trump was making sure his wife actually voted for him.

Naturally, there could be nothing to it, and Trump could have just wanted to look at his wife — or he was just looking around. Interpret the photo how you will.

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