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White Bernie Bro Calls Black Trump Supporter 'Insane' at the DNC

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Right outside the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders supporters protested the victory of Hillary Clinton, but they weren’t the only ones out there. An outspoken black man in a “Hillary for Prison” shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat started a dialogue with a Bernie supporter, who called him “insane.”


When the Sanders backer declared that the Vermont senator is “working for you!” the black man shot back, “No, he’s not.”

“I’m about capitalism. Anything that wants to kill capitalism, I’m against. Capitalism built the world.”

The Trump supporter admitted that the system is rigged, but argued that it’s been “hijacked” by the government, “for almost going on eighty years.”

On the issue of race, the black man proved very outspoken. “Can I say something about race? It’s always the powers that be that plays the race card! It’s always the powers that be. Divide. Who’s in power?”

The Sanders supporter argued that Donald Trump is in power. The black man shot back, “It ain’t Trump. Trump is a man of the people.”

Those words set off the Bernie bro, who replied, “You’re insane, I’m sorry.”


Check out the video:

Later on, the Sandersnista asked the black man where his Trump hat was made. With great fanfare, he took the hat off, found the tag, and discovered where it was manufactured…

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It was made in America!

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