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This 2016 Candidate Already Has a Pokémon Go Ad, And It's Awesome

Pokémon Go seems to be taking over everything — businesses, churches, even the Holocaust Museum! Now, one enterprising 2016 candidate has ventured to make the popular smart phone game part of his election campaign, and his brief video is actually really cool.

Yes, that blustering real estate tycoon Donald J. Trump has appropriated Pokémon Go for his campaign. His brief Facebook ad features a wild Pokémon, namely Hillary Clinton.

On a side note, Hillary did her own, much more lame, Pokémon Go reference, saying “let’s Pokémon Go to the polls!”

In the game Pokémon Go, you can run into pocket monsters which are unknown to you. When you catch them, their information comes up in the PokéDex, an encyclopedia of pocket monsters. The PokéDex gives you information like their weight, their basic characteristics, the type of Pokémon they are, etc.

In Trump’s ad, you come across a wild pocket politician. She’s blonde and in a pantsuit, but you don’t really know what she is.

When you catch the politician, a helpful infographic appears. The Pokémon’s name? “Crooked Hillary.” Type? “Career Politician.” Where the Pokémon’s weight comes up, it instead tells you “30,000 Emails Deleted.”

The description? “Often found lying to the American people, rigging the system, and sharing TOP SECRET emails.” Her next evolution? “Unemployed.”

The smart phone game is Pokémon Go, but Trump’s version is “Crookéd Hillary No.” Perfect.

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Posted by Donald J. Trump on Thursday, July 14, 2016